I learned a new word on Saturday – sarcopenia.  (Never mind that I couldn’t remember this word 10 minutes after I first heard it.  That’s why Google was invented at exactly the right time for this generation.)  

Sarcopenia refers to age-related loss of muscle mass and strength. The good news from recent studies is that resistance training helps but the best thing to actually reverse sarcopenia (I’ll keep using the word till it sticks) is interval training.  Yet another great reason to get out there every Tuesday!

Saturday morning’s walking weather was glorious.  A strong easterly wind made the “going out? tough but the return easier. The lake continues to be high with lots of wave action, and beautifully blue. Most of us walked 13 km with a few keeners adding an extra kilometre. or more.

But we have had too many reminders of how one needs to be careful. One of our walkers had her arm attacked by a brutal, merciless stairway on Saturday.  While she was able to drive home, she wisely spent a number of hours in emerg and discovered that there was a fracture.  Now two of our Ottawa half marathoners next week will be walking very carefully. We should all take heed.

From Phyllis – Here is the beautiful scenery from our walk. Notice how high the water level still in, and how it even blocked the path by Sunnyside beach, where the water is supposed to drain from the land to the lake and not in reverse!

The beach is gone!

The Lifeguards will have to swim to their station!

Just east of Sunnyside Beach

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