Sanctuary, silliness and safety….

In a world beset with a pandemic and an escalating war, I increasing find that walking with the group is my sanctuary – a time for reflection with other thoughtful people and a time to share moments of hope and joy – and even welcomed silliness.

A while back we started a new tradition with the inaugural crowning of a member on their birthday with the TPW Official Birthday Hat. This Saturday saw the second bestowing of said hat – a very tasteful chapeau as you can see in the accompanying picture . I know you are all envious but never fear – your time will come (hard to tell if that is a promise or a threat, eh?).  I await my turn with great anticipation!

There was a robust turnout and it was great to welcome back some walkers we hadn’t seen for awhile. We collectively agreed to donate some of our TPW funds to the Red Cross for the Ukraine and to think about collecting needed items for those we hope will land safely on our shores in the not so distant future.

Please put March 26 in your calendar for our long delayed winter social/business meeting – one of our members has volunteered her place (huge thanks). Details will be shared by email.

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