Salute 2017

I joined this site that encourages people to walk or run the distance; the distance is determined by the numbers in the year. 2017 for me meant 2017 km. 2017 – it is an American website – meant for them 2017 miles.
Well as of yesterday I have completed 2072 km. this year. 
It would make sense that since I have walked the distance in km I should just walk away and next year see if there is a Canadian site that I can walk the distance in km. 
Still, there is the miles part. What to do with little over 700 miles (a little over 1000 km) left if I do it by the American website. 
Now, I have to tell you that there are people in our group that have walked – individually- the number in miles.  Several have walked the miles as part of a group.  My group accomplished the number weeks ago. 
Still, I have a decision to make for myself. So I do the math. Heavens, it is slightly under 400 km a month (3 months left). To accomplish this I would have to walk beyond my 10,000 steps per day.  
I start thinking. Why am I doing this? The answer comes very quickly. I am and have – for the last 14 years – been doing this for health and fun.  I am one of those individuals who has benefited from walking (especially my bones). 
So this is what I have decided. I will continue to walk my 10,000 steps by getting off the subway early, walking to the subway etc.  I will continue to log my Fitbit time and have fun. Fun such as Rorie and Helen had today in Montreal (oh yes, our group travels). Imagine in this heat (30C plus) walking 10 km, being sprayed by cool water and just riding on the energy created by the volume of people in the race and the waves and cheers of the volunteers and people watching the race. Oh, it is so much fun. 
2017, I have completed you in km. I may not complete you in miles. It has been fun and I am full of health.

Here’s to you.  Salute 2017. 

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