S rocks baby, S rocks

Reclaim. The act, for some, to take ownership. The act, for some, of empowerment.
What, may you be asking, has this to do with power walking? Everything says I.

Recently we, our group, were selected because it was assumed that the word S (oh, oh that terrible S word) meant underachieving,

With glorious gray hairs blowing in the wind (I know, I know most of us dye our hair but I just love the imagery) we captured that S word , claim it, owned it and injected it with our power.

By the time we were through with that word our legs were compared to treadmills.

I say, I say unto you, arise. Arise all of those branded with the S word. Grab those sneakers, put your socks on,  put those socked feet into those sneakers and WALK.  And if someone dares, dares mention the S word and connect it with underachieving, smile and say in your sweetest S voice “See you at the 10 K mark and don’t forget to stretch deary”.  Then leave them in the dust.  

S rocks baby. S rocks.

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