Rest is Training too

With my Montreal race done and none until January,I chose not to train until November. Rest is an important part of training (so maybe I am training:)
So this week I walked in flip flops and no Garmin.  I walked 5 days this week with my dad. It was wonderful. Slower pace in the sunshine, along the beach 
Dad was happy to greet EVERY dog in our path.  My dad said he prefers to go for a walk rather than sit. I hope I feel the same when I am 84. He is intent on recording more than 10,000 steps every day with his Fitbit.  So when I didn’t walk with him he explored the area on his own.
We have TPW’ers doing the Scotia Waterfront races this coming Sunday. I am excited for them. It is a great race experience and my very first half years ago. If you are able come out and cheer TPW’ers,. Come out and cheer for everyone . We know how much fun it is for the participants to hear cheering.  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend , Diane, Dianne and Rorie  and a number of walkers (please tell us who you are, so we can look for you)doing the 5k.
Have a wonderful week walking your distance…I will be walking this week alone and while the pace may be quicker it will not be as much fun as with my Dad 

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