Reporting back and planning ahead…

Awhile back we asked everyone if they wanted to volunteer to take over various roles in keeping TPW running. Several of you did respond (thank you very much) but, in chatting with others, it became apparent that most people were happy with the rather casual way we have been carrying on. So, the end result is we are going to continue to muddle through pretty much as we have been doing.

‘And how exactly is that?’ several people asked, so a little history and clarification.

TPW came into being  when a group of JeansMarines’ walkers decided they wanted to continue on after that organization became inactive. That original group loosely delegated various roles to those who agreed to take them on and TPW was born. It was never intended to be very formal – no hierachy, no titles, just things that needed doing and people who undertook to do them. Some took on more than others and now want to step back a bit – and that is fair (huge thanks, you know who you are!). Others are content to continue doing what they have been doing and we know that others will step forward as needed.

We have always had people initiate ‘passion projects’ and run with them and that will continue. It seems to be the TPW way so, as the sages say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

So, announcing our first project for 2022, we are going to have our own Resolution Run on Sat, Jan. 8, a 5K route in the ravine around the BrickWorks (details to be revealed as we get closer), followed by a breakfast at Eggspectation (345 Bloor E).

And we will be planning to hold our winter social at Harbord House (our wonderful sponsor) sometime in February assuming it is safe to do so.

Isn’t it grand to have things to look forward to!

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