Report on Collingwood

Back from a weekend in Collingwood with a great group of TPWs – Lee, Sue C., Linda, Sherry, Helen, Shirley and me (Diane). Some did the half, some 10K and some provided much needed support and cheering.
The weekend was a success but the race itself had its issues and we won’t be recommending it to walkers. At one critical turn there were no markers and no one there to point us in the right direction, there were no manned water stations after 10K and the course was open to traffic for a long, scary bit.  All that and a head wind too!
Fortunately, Collingwood itself is a pretty town and the hotel was great (the Westin Trillium Blue Mountain). It is part of a village complex with lots of shops and restaurants, right at the foot of the ‘mountain’ (actually a hill but very pretty).  After the race we decided to just hang around the village for lunch and dinner winding up with a post-dinner glass at the hotel bar. Delightful to just wind down and enjoy each others’ company.  Some of us enjoyed a bit more than others (no names mentioned but you know who you are!). This morning Sue and I enjoyed the restorative hot tub – great on sore muscles.

We were thinking throughout about the Luberon gang and will look forward to hearing their stories. I know there are a few more races before we regroup at the cemetery but I, for one,  am looking forward to gearing down for the fall and winter.

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