Report from the Chilly Half Marathon

On Sunday morning about 13 brave TPWs turned up in Burlington for the Chilly Half Marathon and we had a great day!  Sherry had chosen to spend the Saturday night before the race in Burlington, where she found a restaurant to serve her a rather large steak and sufficient red wine to ease the digestion thereof.   It was on Sunday morning as we all gathered in the lobby of the Waterfront Hotel before the race that we learned just how large that steak was, when what seemed to be a total stranger came up to Sherry and asked her how she enjoyed her steak dinner the previous evening!  Evidently it was of sufficient size to have drawn an admiring crowd in the restaurant!  

Among the gang participating in the Chilly Half were Sue S., Susan B., Lorna, Phillipa, Phyllis, Shelley, Mary G., Lee, Sherry, Rosemarie, Sheryl, Liz and Helen.   Barb DL was, as she has been so often, our faithful cheerleader and brunch coordinator, for which we were all so grateful.  We were equally grateful for Sherry’s offer to collect all our race kits the day before and to sort out who was to get which jacket, etc.  Not an enviable task. 

As snowflurries whirled around us just minutes before the start of the race, we were starting to question the wisdom of doing this race, but before the starting gun sounded the sun came out and shone down on us for the entire morning!  The course was flat, bordered the lake and took us through some lovely residential areas, and with the exception of a biting wind in our faces on a section of the home stretch, it was a perfect day!  

Lots of enthusiastic supporters were on the sidelines, and the volunteers manning the WOW Powerwalking water station at 18K deserve special mention as they had taken the time to write all our names in chalk on the road in front of their station. 

This was a first race for Phillipa, Liz and Sheryl so congratulations to all of them!  Sue Stafford’s trademark down coat must have brought her good luck as she finished first in her age/sex category with an impressive time of 2:56.  Our friend and coach, Lee Scott, amazed us with her blistering time of 2:20 and is, as always, an inspiration to us all.  Free beer and chilli were a welcome reward at the end of a great race!  

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