I  couldn’t think of a thing to write about this afternoon.  Yet, the blog needs a post!  I turned back to the posts of previous Mays, looking for inspiration.

In 2017, we walked along the lake at this time of year and someone broke her elbow in a fall and DROVE HER CAR home afterward.  Intrepid!

In 2018, on May 24th weekend, there were just a few of us walking the lakeshore in a monsoon.  We thought 8 kilometres in a storm was taking it easy.

In 2019, I celebrated Omar Khayam’s birthday, rather than Queen Victoria’s, by quoting some of his pithier verses.

In May 2020, covid was settling in. We had no idea it would be for so long.   I walked the lake alone and was delighted to meet 2 TPW folk walking in the other direction.

In 2021, we had learned a lot more about covid and I wrote a very grumpy post about it.

So I guess I need to say that in 2022, we are learning to actually live fully with covid.  We had a great walk in the cemetery this morning (IN SHORTS!) and enjoyed meeting for coffee in the “church park” afterward.  It all feels pretty normal now.  Amazing!

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