Recessive Genes?

Yesterday as I was picking up some roses for a host of a gathering we were going to that night .The clerk looked into my eyes in what appeared to be wonder. She then proceeded to tell me I have beautiful eyes and enquired as to which parent the colour of the eyes came from. I looked and seeing that she appeared genuinely interested I replied that when my father was alive his eyes were a brown colour and my mother, who is alive, has brown colour eyes. “ Ahhhâ€? , she said in a tone that expressed wonder “Recessive genesâ€?.  â€śRecessive genes?â€? I asked. 
“Yes recessive genes� and then proceeded to give me all sorts of information about recessive genes that she had obtained in a course she was taking at school. “Basically�, she said “they are genes that hide and come out in a later generation. They are part of your make up , they skip generation� I immediately thought of my flaming red head Scottish great, great etc etc grandfather who entered our family system decades and if not centuries ago on my father’s side . Folklore has it that even though the clan was various shades of black or brown in skin colour that red hair showed itself up in the hair of various parts of the body. To this day if I am in the sun long enough strains of my hair will turn a reddish brown hue.
Earlier that day I had been sitting around eating breakfast with a group of TPWs. The topic was health.  It was not until this morning that I started to wonder about the connection between the topic spoken around the breakfast table yesterday and what I was told about recessive genes much later in the day. I wonder if for some of us we are now the beginning (metaphorically speaking) of a recessive gene for further generations not only in a biological sense but also in a larger sense of community. “What?â€? you exclaim. 
Well think about it. 19, mostly middle aged women, of various degrees of health met yesterday to walk the cemetery in weather where you have to layer up to remain warm. We all walked various Ks and some of the community witnessed this. 
Is it possible, is it just possible that in a larger sense we are influencing the health of the toddlers whose parents have absolutely no interest in physical activity? Is it possible, is it possible that in a larger community sense that we are (metaphorically speaking) one large pool of recessive genes influencing further generations? Is it possible that in walking the distance now we are influencing the acts of others not yet born? Well, who knows, I mean really who knows. We just keep walking the distance, recessive genes inside us, possibly the beginning of the creation of recessive genes (given most of our post menopausal state I guess I should leave this out but heh who knows….did I just hear a groan). Lots of literature around this month about the meek, the introvert, influence and the power of the one.
Happy holiday everyone. To one and all who walk the distance.

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