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We are going to be changing things up over the next month because of the Pan Am games and the various  road closures all around the High Park area.  To avoid the traffic issues, we have decided to go back to the cemetery on the following dates:
  • July 11 (that is next weekend!), 
  • July 18, 
  • July 25 
  • Aug 8 (the Para Pan Am Games) and 
  • Aug 22 (followed by a pool party at Rorie’s house)
We will go to High Park on Aug. 1st (the holiday weekend, which is also Caribana)
Also, starting next weekend (back at the cemetery), the 8:30 group is moving back to 8:00.This will both help us beat the heat and bring the two groups (the other is the 7:30 starters) closer together  in finishing time so we have a better chance of meeting up over breakfast. We may even revive last year’s habit (if the early group is willing) of meeting up at 8:15 so we can all walk together but can decide that later.
A bonus of going back to the cemetery, will be to see the small group that has continued to walk there. I suspect they are still doing an 8:30 start but perhaps can be persuaded to move back while we are there.
On Tuesdays we are doing hill training at Sherwood Park at 6:30pm and will be doing so for the next several weeks.
If you are interested in being on the list for the newly formed Thursday morning group, send an email to Carol.
And I think that is it for now. The Pan Am volunteers won’t be out the weekends of the 18/19 or 25/26. We are manning (womanning?) the water stations for the marathon and race walk or serving as route marshals somewhere along the routes. Hope to see some of you in the audience (Phyllis still has a few tickets – which are otherwise sold out by the way).
United We Play!

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