Rainy Saturday

I enjoy writing this post once a month.  There is a downside however; it forces me out of bed on a rainy Saturday when I might have stayed in.  Or is that an upside?
Five of us met in our rain gear at the Grenadier.  We had all been lured by reports of “light rain.?  Instead, I’d have to report the rain as “heavy? to “steady.?  But there we were, so off we went.  We decided to take it easy on ourselves so walked only a little over 8K, “to the gazebo and back.? Thanks to the keen eyes of Danielle, bird sightings were wonderful: goldfinches, a Baltimore oriole, 3 pairs of grebes nesting, lots of red winged blackbirds and cardinals galore.   And of course, ducks (with ducklings), geese, swans, cormorants and gulls. Birdsong filled the air; they all seemed to be enjoying the rain.

Breakfast with hot drinks tasted wonderful despite our damp shirts and shoes.  The conversation ranged from the Royal Wedding to changes in the ideal figure shape over the last century and on to favourite breakfasts at home.  We agreed we should be pleased with ourselves for getting out and so we were!

Five courageous women who braved the elements…

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