Rain, cold, thunder and lightening…

Who else out there is sick to death of this weather, eh? Regardless of the forecast a good group of stalwart TPWs congregated at the Grenadier for our Saturday morning walk. We were doing a variety of distances, from 5k to about 15K. Some of us were still tired from the previous weeks Women’s Half and were relieved that our training goal was only 12K.
We set out under light grey skys and headed east along the lakeshore. By the time Sue C.,  Linda and I turned back for the return journey the sky was turning dark grey and it just got darker. First came the drizzle and then the drops. The first ominous rumbles of thunder had us plotting on what to do if the lightening came closer.  After debating the merits of crouching down in the hopes that our rubber soles wouldn’t conduct any lightning strikes, we decided the saner plan would be to head for the road and catch a cab. However, it didn’t come to that.
We made it into warmth and breakfast as the drops turned into a deluge. Waiting for us were Susan and Lynn who had gone straight for the sane plan and caught a cab back at the first flash of lightening. As we sat cozily over breakfast it just got worse outside and I got soaked again getting to my car. 
My husband questioned my (our) sanity on my return but, as usual, once I had had my hot shower, I was glad I had done it.
And today is sunny and warm – so the next thing we will have to complain about is the heat.
Tuesday is intervals at the pub – let’s try and remember some of what Lee taught us. And Saturdays from now until the fall are at High Park starting at 8:00.

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