Putting Walking on the Schedule

It has been a long time since I walked with TPW but I returned Saturday morning at 7, coffee in hand.  The cemetery doors were closed so we walked up Yonge street and along Merton to Bayview.  Phyllis and Dianne walked ahead by at least 200 metres.  Rorie was very kind and stayed back with me, the untrained coffee drinking walker.  I am grateful for her generosity.
Walking with TPW Saturday was one of the best things I can do for myself and Saturday reminded me of that. It was wonderful to walk my pace with Rorie in the very peaceful paths of Mt Pleasant.  Arriving at the gate after one loop around, there were many TPW’ers sharing the stories of their week.  While I didn’t hear clearly any of the conversations, there was a quiet roar of conversation behind Phyllis and I as we walked loop 2 together.
It was nice to catch up and the time certainly went quickly.  I loved that I could come back after an extended absence and walk. Lots of friendly smiles welcomed me back.  It made me ask myself why did I stop walking Saturday mornings? Not just in Toronto but at the cottage as well.
There is definite power in the Saturday morning walk. If long enough, it provides reason for the oh so lovely afternoon nap. Or feeling good about getting up and out the door early in the morning.
Next weekend I will not be in Toronto with TPW but I will be with walkers. I am spending the weekend with three women from my first year (2005) as a JeansMarine.  We meet a few times a year for lunch but this will be the first weekend we spend together.  Walking is definitely on the schedule. 
Walk your distance this week!   See you soon!

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