Pride and Satisfaction

 Most of you know my ankle story so I will not bore you with it here.

Yesterday I sat at my brother’s place in Ottawa with the satisfaction of
completing my 7th marathon. It has been two years of preparation and
Helen (bless her heart) slowed down for me during the last 10 K. She
would have come in at least 15 minutes earlier had a cramp in my calf
not impaired my walk. We were doing, for us, a good pace until then.

Tonight we will meet up with everyone at the  gathering place and
exchange stories. For a lot of us we have the same story; a store
which is similar to the phoenix arising out of the abyss. I love this
about our group. We can be down but then get back out there.

I will wait a while, just to make sure my ankle is alright and if all
is well then it is onward to the Goofy(next January). Helen and Phyllis will be
doing the Dopey .(Ed:. Goofy is a half marathon followed by a full marathon the next day)

It will be nice to be at Disney again. I think I will take great pride
and satisfaction in completing that one given that my ankle ‘went’ a
month or so before I was to do it.

Pride and satisfaction, pride and satisfaction.

PS I see that our TPW logo was in Ottawa too.

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