Preparing for winter walking…

Saturday we had our first sugar dusting of snow coating the cemetery paths. It was chilly and grey but I was feeling pretty good and kept up a good pace once around. We were about 10 strong, bundled up in our winter layers. It still warms my heart to see how many of us turn out, even on not so nice days.

A few reminder tips for winter walking:

·        Figure out what combination of layers and fabrics works best for you in different temperatures. Some of us favour synthetic technical gear; others prefer natural wool (there are amazing new versions that are machine washable) and down; and many use a combo. I like layers of various weights, up to four when it gets really cold and windy. Whatever you chose, make sure the material wicks moisture away from your skin so you aren’t damp and chilly when you slow down. And don’t forget to wear warm sox and a warm hat or earmuffs.
·        Take water – for some reason it seems less necessary in the cold but you do perspire and need to replace what you lose.
·        If it is slippery under foot, consider using yak tracks or similar foot protection. The last thing any of us need is a fall.

Even when it is cold, walking feels good once you start – and breakfast is even better! So no excuses.

A quick note from the Maui walkers, and Phyllis who isn’t going to Maui…

Seven of us started at 8am as we were planning a very long walk for this time of year….21k. We walked around the cemetery once and when we hit Bayview on the second time around we made a break for it, and walked up to the CNIB buildings and through the neighborhood looking at holiday decorations that looked quite silly without snow. Most of the time we walked and talked and paid little attention to our surroundings. Knowing that we had a few extra kilometres to put in, we circled around the eastern side before heading back ‘to the barn’, having clocked 21.5km.  We took the time to stretch a little, but knew that we just wanted to get home! Personally, this is the first serious walk I’ve done since my race in Washington…it was awesome, despite my aching muscles.

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