PPE (aka Post Pandemic Euphoria!)

I know, I know; people are already talking about a possible fourth wave in the fall but give me some slack here! This month,  I have had lunch (inside!) with two friends; I have had dinner outside (no masks!  no physical distancing!) with six friends; I have had lunch on a restaurant patio (not my own cooking!)  with two friends;  I have met (in the flesh!) some people I have only ever seen before on Zoom, and I am so very, very grateful for every single minute of it.  May it continue for as long as possible and remain a testament to the miracle of vaccines.

Speaking of gratitude, how wonderful it has been to be training again!  A group of us has signed up for a race in Banff at the end of September and  we have plunged right back into a training schedule.  We’ve been doing hill training on Thursdays and endurance walks on Saturday, travelling all over the city to walk on parts of the Pan American trail. We walk, we talk, we support each other when we tire, we moan and we groan,  and we go the distance.  How good it feels to be back in the pack.

Speaking of distance, why do races have to be so darn long?  Just asking…And finally, when will we old enough to stop doing this?  Never, you say?  Pity…



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