Post Marathon High

There were twenty plus TPW’ers out Saturday morning. It was cool and damp but it didn’t stop anyone from walking their distance. I arrived to see Nicole leading the warm up, great start to the morning. I do a lot of my training on my own and to hear everyone talking and to see power walkers with great walking technique ahead on the route: Inspiring!

I thought I would not walk this weekend as I did New York Marathon last Sunday.  I  walked Saturday as I wanted to share my NY experience with the group and also feel good about getting back out there no matter how short the distance. I did 6k and then headed off to breakfast with other like minded walkers. We were joined later by those who did two two loops or the Disney group.

Susan B walked 32k today after 14k Saturday, all part of the Goofy Challenge training.
I walked 10k with Susan this morning and it was wonderful. We talked about the Goofy races and dressing like Minnie… Thanks to Phyllis for the idea and for being wardrobe mistress.

Less than a week after New York and I am thinking about my next races in January. I have only one disappointment with the New York Marathon, 10:55 start means no post marathon afternoon nap.  I had my post marathon nap a week later and it was wonderful!

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