Planning and training for a Race

Writing a blog can often be a challenge, what can I write about? What does our group like to hear about?

Are they interested in the fact that I don’t like doing hills but know they are necessary when your goal is to improve performance (Hills are my obsession at the moment – my strategy is do hills, no matter how slow) .
Yes, I want to improve. Who doesn’t?   
After years of doing the distances on the training schedule but not hills, intervals or tempo walks, I have decided to follow the schedule and do what is required to improve my race time.   It’s early in the season but after two hills sessions and one tempo walk, my pace has already improved.  Not sure if it was the training, my frame of mind or the beautiful Sunday morning.
Given I cannot change the weather, I will continue to make an effort to continue to do the strength workouts for the next five months. In just over 5 months I will be back in Montreal with the goal of finishing a marathon and improving my time by 30 min.  Last year’s marathon was a challenge early in the day, so my focus was on finishing not my time.  This year I committed myself to train to meet my goal of a strong finish.
I have done the previous 4 or 5 Sporting Life races as a ‘back of the pack’ volunteer. My role was to support participants in finishing their 10K.  Last year Shirley filled the role and she is doing it again this year. This year I hope to finish upright and smiling with a specific pace in mind.
Next month I’ll let you know if I was successful.

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