Planning ahead…

All of the TPW bloggers have, at one time or another, expressed gratitude for our ability to do what we do – i.e. walk. This appreciation deepens as some of our members face health challenges that sideline them. And let’s face it, as we age, we will all become less able bodied (not morbid, just a fact).
Over breakfast this morning, we got to talking about accessibility – or the lack thereof – and shared some personal stories of issues faced with friends and family who have some physical limitation ranging from lack of mobility to sight problems. Most of us, including me, didn’t really think about all of this until it became personal.  But, maybe if we do all start thinking about it , talking about it, doing what we can and encouraging the powers that be to do better, things will improve by the time we need some help.

If every new building or public works project from here on in undertook to incorporate best practices in terms of inclusive design, it would be far easier for us to get out and about in our wonderful city for as long as we possibly can. ‘Walking the distance’ might become’ rolling the distance’ but we can and will keep moving forward!
Note from editor: Is this why we did all this stretching this morning?

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