Pittsburgh stories

Our Pittsburgh relay road trip was great fun, although the drive was very wet
and race organization a bit of a mess. Proves it is really about the
company. However, for the record, the vote seems to be no more relays — too
much standing around waiting. But Pittsburg might be worth going back to for
a half or full — it is an attractive and friendly little city.

There were ten of us in two teams (the Foxes and the Gems) for the relay;
Jackie did the half; and Rob (Barb’s husband) ran. With Jackie and Mary’s
significant others (Chris and Bryan), we were 14 for a very lively dinner on Saturday night.

We all got to our exchange stations and successfully handed off to each
other. The walk itself was a delight with lovely neighbourhoods, wonderful
old building, blossoming foliage and cheering people. However, the shuttle
buses that were supposed to pick us up at the end and take us to the finish
line were almost non-existent. Hence the waiting…and more waiting.
However, all is well that end’s well and both teams completed in 6:18
beating out the Pink Ladies and the Just Do Its (hooray ladies, we weren’t

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