Paradise Lost…

On the morning of Friday, Feb 21, I was lying on a beach chair in the sun, steps from the Caribbean sea,  drying out from a swim in the warm salty water, thinking this was paradise.  On the morning of Saturday, Feb 22, I was blearily walking in the cemetery with the other TPW’s in the cold but sunny  Toronto weather, thinking about (among other things) how many  different ways of walking there are.  There is walking in hiking boots up and down (and sometimes through) very challenging, tropical terrain, or walking deliciously barefoot on warm soft beach sand as the surf gently splashes one’s toes, or walking gingerly in running shoes over patches of ice or snow through Mount Pleasant cemetery.  Variety is the spice of life, I say, so as much as I was regretful to leave the warm bright sun of the West Indies (a place I highly recommend visiting  in the middle of winter), I am so grateful to be home once again with my TPW friends walking in whatever weather conditions our beautiful country of Canada gives us.

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