Pan Am Path – Commentary and Photos

This section will be completed over the course of our walks – with commentary and photos. Check it out! See map on previous pages for segments.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5

We walked north and south from Old Mill. We selected this starting point because it had parking and there were porta-potties at the kayak launch south of the parking lots.

North to Old Dundas – Its 5k up to Old Dundas and back. As of June 2021, there is still construction on the west side of the Humber for approx. one kilometer. Fortunately on weekends when they are not working at the site, the path is open, and other than a little mud, quite pleasant. There were a few signs of the Pan Am Path along the way, but unfortunately defaced by graffiti. Oh well, it has been 5+ years!

South to Lake Ontario – We walked 8k to Sheldon Lookout and back on a very hot and humid day. We were grateful for the abundant shade provided by the trees and overpasses along the path. Heading south from Old Mill is however quite open, with little shade, but well paved.

This part of the route is a little complicated as the path ends, and one has to walk along the city streets, before turning back onto the trail again. Check out our detailed map, if you are unfamiliar with this section. Its a known, short detour, and I expect the city has resigned itself to this small section on city street.

Overall this 13k route is pleasant, and filled with natural greenery and gorgeous Indigenous art.

Segment 6

Segment 7

Segment 8

Segment 9

Segment 10/11

Segment 12 (replaced with Beach Walk)

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