Out of Hibernation

I chose a cold March morning to come out of hibernation and it was lovely.
Sunshine was abundant and it enabled me to enjoy the walk and not focus on the cold. I did see a runner in shorts, too early for shorts.
It was wonderful to see all the TPW walkers at the gate waiting to begin their walk. A few like me did one loop with others doing more. Sue and Mary did the full two loops.  I am not sure if there was an early morning keener start, I suspect there was.
My goal was to show up and walk on Saturday and I was so happy to have met my goal. Staying in bed Saturday mornings and reading is lovely however walking with the group is better. I’ve always known that.
It was lovely walking and talking on the route.  It is always very interesting that you can cover many diverse topics in a short timeframe walking with this group. Retirement, selling homes, talking to daughters, Easter chocolate, movies, and Venice to name a few.
We were excited to have Lee join the group for breakfast and tell us about her Rome Marathon experience.
We have to wait to see her medal – that means of course we get to ask and be told all about her experience more than once and that is a good thing.
It won’t be long before we move to High Park Saturday mornings and begin Spring Training.
I will in High Park next Saturday for Harry’s 8K. It will be the 10th anniversary of doing that race, this year I am the back of the pack bunny (it is Easter) ensuring no one is left behind. No one has to do Spring Road hill on their own.  I will be looking for the TPW’ers doing the races as well. Let’s hope that it is dry and sunny this year  – 10 years ago it was raining hard and there was a bone chilling wind.  Diane, Carol and I reminisced about that race at breakfast on Saturday and commented that it was amazing we continued to race all these years later.
It’s the power of our group and the benefits walking and community bring.
Keep walking with our group and if necessary on your own (that is powerful too!)

Happy Easter and Passover!

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