Our Summer Plans (by Barb)

Saturday morning walks

There has been much discussion about where we walk. For background, in previous years we have moved this walk to High Park, for the warmer months.  With the pandemic and now, there are no cars allowed in the park, on weekends.  Some of our group did go to HP recently, but parking outside the park, then walking in – combined with limited restaurant offerings created some challenges.   At this point, here’s where our thoughts are:

  • We will continue to meet at the cemetery at 8:30. This will be our default position, with the understanding that some West-enders may elect to stick to High Park.  However, we are also looking at adding to the distances (especially for those of us training for Banff) and could extend our walks to outside the cemetery – i.e. into a ravine or down to the Brickworks.
  • We will also continue to try to meet at High Park at least once a month – but this needs to be confirmed, and logistics organized.
  • Bottom line is that we will use the blog to relay any other options that we are pursuing.  Please read each week’s submission or check your email for these updates.

Speaking of the cemetery, our delayed start Saturday morning revolved around parking.  We have been advised that anyone driving into the cemetery needs to park in areas “C” or “U”, away from the main routes with the solid yellow and white lines.

Tuesday walks

We meet in the cemetery at 3 p.m.

Thursday walks

We alternate between the cemetery and High Park (where during the week, you can drive into the park).  Meeting time is 9:30 a.m. for both locations.

Ending on a very positive note, our group enjoyed the amazing scones/tea biscuits with fresh strawberries provided by the ever talented LR.  A perfect June treat outdoors in the church park (south of the cemetery, east side).


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