Our Last Saturday in Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Twelve women congregated at the gates of Mount Pleasant Cemetery for the final walk there until the fall. The turnout was smaller as several of the TPW are racing in the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday, the 29th. We’ll look forward to hearing their experience.

The folks in our little community greeted one another with delight after several weeks of not being in contact as various members have been travelling. There was a light, misty drizzle and, while we waited for any latecomers, the discussion turned to the effect of humidity on our hair. Some were pleased and some were not but I thought everybody looked great. (Waves become you, Bev!)

We set off and broke naturally into groups of two or three according to pace. Many people were discussing their experiences with Lee’s training on the previous three Tuesdays. People called out to one another, reminding them of alignment and good form. Lynn suggested that it might be a good idea to continue to use Lee’s exercises throughout the year with someone calling them out throughout the walks on Saturday and on Tuesday. Everyone involved has been so pleased with the improvement in their fitness.

After the first 6 kilometre loop, the group reconvened. Phyllis reminded those of us who will have to miss the meeting at Harbord House on Monday night that the schedules for distance and pace for race preparation are on the web page. After a bit of discussion, nine stalwarts embarked on another 6 kilometres and the other three headed for breakfast.

See you next week at High Park. Don’t forget that we’re starting 30 minutes earlier at 8AM.

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