Our Lake


I had a bad day this week. I should not complain, but it was one of those days that seemed to have no reason in it. I did not do anything. I thought that having no goal would be helpful, but it wasn’t. Serious languishing was the order of the day. Not even my colourful garden was able to draw me outside. Enough, I thought, the following morning: I pried myself out of bed and walked down to the lake. I am so fortunate to be able to walk to the water from my home. There is always something worth knowing about on the water.

Someone in a canoe was placing brooding platforms for the red-necked grebes. Someone else was feeding swans. The stand-up paddle-boarders had figured out how to get around the newly formed sandbar at the Humber River Bridge. And the clear water…

I studied the wind and the waves to decide whether it was safe enough for a swim in my wetsuit. I knew it would be cold, but how cold? I drove to Cherry Beach, the best swimming beach in the city, where I found three or four other similarly lake-enchanted people in wetsuits. They were far from shore, all at a very safe COVID distance from one another. The current was strong and I had to fight pretty hard to get to my turn-around spot. But, after a half-hour swim, the languor was gone. The water was a balmy 10 degrees C; warm enough to put my face in without freezing my brain. While it may not afford the excitement of trip to a tropical island, this is OUR lake, and it can deliver the respite and even the joy we all so badly need right now.

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  1. Such a great activity to change the tone of your day! The powers that be are trying to move us from languishing to its opposite. Check out the New Your Times article, it’s time to flourish. I hope I’ve pasted the link.

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