Our Feet are Made for Walking

Barb, David , Ela, Helen, Mary, Rosemarie and I met in front of the Grenadier restaurant around 7 am on Saturday morning. Given that some of us had not walked together in a while, we quickly sought to catch up with the whys and whats of each others lives. As we chattered we said hello to other walkers we knew. Everyone, except myself, continued onward to the intended goal of 10K . I turned around a little after 3K , had my breakfast (David had finished his run and returned to the Grenadier as well), went home and rested.
After the rest I got myself ready for the Midsummer Night race.

I find it interesting that the landscape walked during the Midsummer Night race was like a ‘before’ picture of the waterfront walked earlier in the day . It was less refined, less pampered, less imposed upon by professionals who earn a living constructing and manipulating landscapes into whatever particular design pleases the dominant culture. It’s beauty was raw. There were points during the walk where it’s beauty was glorious.

Jeanne , Laurel, Lee, Lorna , Mary W , Phyllis, Rorie, Sue, Bev, Catherine and I gathered at the starting line of the Mid Summer Night race. Diane, Ela, Helen and Shirley cheered us on. The sky decided not to open up and drench us with rain. The wind blew with enough force to keep most of us from being devoured by mosquitoes and whatever other biters exist in such authentic landscapes.

There were times in the race where the back of the pack ( myself included there) and the front of the pack walkers were able to pass each other. I enjoyed the hellos from Laurel, Phyllis and Rorie as they glided by . There were still people out cheering by the time my sister Jeanne and I came around the final bend. We saw and heard the cheers of Helen, Shirely and Lee (one of the WOW coaches who has taught us and will be providing another training to us shortly) .

After my sister and I walked past the finish line together we met up with Mary and Lee (I loved Mary’s hat ) and then off we went home proudly with medals hung around our necks. Others went on to the pub afterwards, apparently an annual tradition. At the pub they were joined by loyal supporters such as Jeff D. Jeff B., Neil, Stuart and Jim. A great place to end the event!
So whether we Toronto Power Walkers are out early in the morning or whether we are out in the night, our TPW’s feet today were out there walking the various beautiful landscapes in this beautiful city called Toronto.

Remember that song These Boots are Made for Walking? I thought I would borrow from it. Just replace the word boots for feet and it goes something like this:
“Our feet our made for walking/ and that’s just what they’ll do/ ( now my addition)
our feet just keep on walking/ the distance that they do/

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