Well, it finally happened. I totally forgot to write the blog (it was ‘one of those weekends’) – thank you Phyllis for the reminder.
I didn’t walk with the group on Sat but did do the treadmill at my place. Not a bad thing to do on occasion as it forces you to sustain a steady, set pace – but it is deadly boring. One of the huge virtues of exercising outside, with others, is that it is always interesting in some way. You get to commune with nature (sometimes a bit uncomfortable but keeps you alert) and to talk to many different people about many different things.
Next week is the Sporting Life 10K on Sunday, which many of us consider the official start of training season (except for those wild and crazy people doing spring half marathons).  I hope to see a lot of the gang at that race and the after breakfast.  And the week after I look forward to getting back to High Park.

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