One of those days…

Sometimes the world just steps in and says ‘stay home – walking is good but not today’. Well that was Saturday for me.

On Friday our car started acting up. I called my good friend Sue who kindly offered to pick me up at 6:30am to go to High Park. We grumbled a bit about the distance but don’t we always? I got up in good time, got my gear on, and was filling my water bottles when I finally looked at myself in the mirror. I barely recognized myself – I had chipmunk cheeks that extended all the way under my chin! Aren’t I too old for mumps? Checked and no fever, no real pain. Just an oddly altered face – and not for the good.

Called Sue and cancelled. Went over to the neighbourhood clinic as soon as it was open. Doctor finally looks at me, confirms no fever, no pain and declares it a mystery. Will either get better on its own, or worse in which case I should come back (I could have figured that one out myself).

The one thing that warmed my heart was the fact that it was pouring. Hope all of my walking buddies found shelter but somehow the bad weather reduces my guilt at not ‘walking the distance’.

Shelter?!  SHELTER?!  A group of about a dozen of us, including Laurel who doesn’t ‘do’ rain, met for the 7am start.  It was cloudy but fine.  Subsequent discussions about the weather forecast caused much adding and subtracting of short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, light jackets, rain jackets…you get the picture.

Phyllis had done a superb job of mapping our route and provided small maps to those who could actually read the fine print; I just followed everyone else.  Shortly after we started it began to rain lightly; a few grumbles and threats to take a cab if there was thunder and lightning; and in no time, we were drenched.  Fortunately, the “new? route kept my attention from the rain and from thinking about the distance, until we hit the halfway point.  I was then that I decided I should not go one step further than necessary! (and miraculously Phyllis even shortened the route due to the weather)

Rorie and Shirley were doing the Walk to End Women’s Cancers so we headed up to the Rogers Centre to cheer them on.   We missed their start but, as I  look out at the teeming rain while writing, I hope you both sheltered somewhere along the 30k route with hot chocolate.

For me, the best part of the day was finishing, then sitting down to a WARM breakfast in a DRY shirt and having a laugh with a few of the terrific women who shared the route.  Missed you, Diane!

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