One More Thing to be Grateful For

The subject matter in the last few blogs has ranged anywhere from our vulnerability ,our  walking dialogues, the joy one receives in beating the red lights to get to our gatherings on time , the heart felt gratitude towards those who keep the group together , a suggestion from someone outside our group that a marathon be done every two week ( I thought it was a typo …I mean who thinks these things ) and a walk down memory lane for some of us regarding Jeans Marines. 
While all of this was going on we collectively- within the last few weeks- have walked, weekly , anywhere from 16 K to 21 K . 
Oh yes, we have grumbled and yes we all thought of bailing out when the weather report said lightening BUT for those of us who gathered our eyes were fixed on the  horizon.  Collectively  we were searching  for R and her raincoat.
 R. and her raincoat ; the weather changers. 
Weather changers ? Oh, yes. 
Now before you start any judgement , before you think that we  had lost our collective sanity, I have something to share with you.  R.  and her rain coat ( they must be together ) are well known, in some circles of the TPW, to  reverse  whatever terrible weather conditions have been forecast. 
Don’t you go wrinkling up your eyebrows. You  disbelievers out there need to hold on , just hold on. Like you I was full of doubt but I know what I saw. You have to be there to experience it.  You have to feel the little spatters of rain disappear when R. puts on her rain coat.
Now that you are curious – hope you are- you may want to contact R.  Well, that won’t happen. You’re just going to have to get out and walk with us. 
 Well quite frankly, it is because of the anticipated projected demand for R. and her coat. I don’t want to wear her out nor her coat . Having said this, you are always free to join us if there is a forecast of lightening and experience what we have experienced. 
For now it  is simply enough to say that R.and her coat are one more thing to be grateful for . She and her coat are now  added to the list of things to be grateful for . 

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