One misty moisty morning

One misty moisty morning

When cloudy was the weather

I met a group of women

All dressed in brilliant colours

What a weird and wonderful day! We drove through deep puddles and threatening skies. We chided one another into ignoring the night’s pounding rain and arrived at the cemetery just as the mist was creeping among the tombstones. It was spooky.

But, as each of us disembarked from our vehicles or walked through the iron gates, we were directed by one of our number to stand in rainbow order. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet – plus white and turquoise and purple!

Then we were rearranged to look like a handful of jellybeans (or a full menorah of Chanukkah candles). What a wonderful way to chase away the fog.

As we walked, the morning grew warmer and warmer. The raincoats were unzipped, and the gloves and scarves were shed. It was difficult to remember that we were approaching mid-December.

Yes, we are experiencing weather shifts, and surely indications of climate change, as well. We spoke of the previous night’s terrible tornadoes that ripped apart whole towns in the US. We continue to heed pandemic warnings and find out what we need to do to protect ourselves and our families. But there is also great comfort in knowing that while the winds in our own city begin to whip up and the air becomes strangely unseasonable, we can take the time to enjoy colour, light, and the warmth of one another’s company.

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