One Long Sleeve equals Autumn, Two plus Long Sleeves equals Brrr

Twelve of us gathered in front of the Grenadier Restaurant. By the time we were 3 K plus into our walk we sorted ourselves out according to our pace. As we walked east Audrey (a former Jeans Marines member ) ran by us west bound . Depending on our own individual goals we collectively walked somewhere between 8K to  24 K.
There was very little difference in the length of our sleeves. Hands, for the majority of us,  peered out from under long sleeves.  Yes …..groan…..the long sleeve weather is upon us.  
Rosemarie, on the same day that the 12 of us had gathered,  power walked south on

Yonge St

.  When I passed her going north on Yonge St, I noticed two people with winter hats and then ( dread ) several with winter coats.

When I returned to the lakeshore I found comfort that most of the walkers and runners had caps on. They did not have any winter hats on their head, no balaclava underneath their caps and nothing else to suggest (with the exception of the long sleeves) the soon to be change in the season. As Audrey ran past me east bound she also had the same attire.  
By now you may have gathered that I am not thrilled with what long sleeves for the outdoor weather suggests. Maybe I will take comfort that Autumn official begins on the 23rd of September and that on the day I am writing this narrative people are again walking with arms only partially covered by short sleeves.   This sounds like denial simply because it is.
We know …. we who walk the distance know… that soon our one long sleeve will be covered with two or three layers of long sleeves .  For those of us who walk the distance we know that the wearing of the long sleeve is one of those weather indicators. It marks an upcoming change in season.
So for those of us who are new to the group I would suggest the following. Find or purchase thick socks, long sleeve tops that you can layer, balaclavas that fit under caps , gloves that are warm and do not leave your hands in pools of sweat for soon the W word will be among us . You will learn (unless you can afford really high tech gear ) that each layer  will represent the temperature of autumn and the various degrees  contained in the next season.  A simply rule of thumb is that one long sleeve equals autumn and two plus long sleeves equals Brrrrrr.
PS the breakfast is always hot and the company always warm.

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