Oh the places you’ll go

Oh the places you’ll go…..Many of us know that book and it was mentioned on our walk Saturday.
Walking with TPW has given me many things to be grateful for. One of which is an appreciation for our city. With long walks being over 30K and short ones being 5-6K, you get to see a lot of Toronto. From west of the Humber to as far as Markham Ave in Scarborough, from the lakeshore to York Mills and everywhere in between.  We walk the distance learning about the city both the good and the not so good. And we learn alot about ourselves and our TPW community
My daughter said earlier this week we are a group of travellers who have a walking “problem”.
She said that because we often travel to races. This year TPW members have done races in Disney in Florida, Jerusalem and closer to home in Picton.  In the fall a group will be doing the Ottawa half and others the Chicago Marathon. Plans for next year include races in Big Sur and Bermuda.  We also support our local races by racing or volunteering.  There is something for everyone in our group. Some are content to walk their distance in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, High Park, Lakefront east and west and not leave our city.  My hope is that each member of TPW has an opportunity to travel with TPW to a race and enjoy the excitement, camaraderie and genuine delight of being a power walker and walking their distance in a new place with lots to discover.

I train often on my own and I also have done marathons alone in other cities, New York, Cleveland, Mississauga  to name a few.  Nothing compares to doing one with your teammates. The experience is richer and the memories last a lifetime. Give some thought to where you would like to walk this year or next .

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