Oh, Canada…

Oh and also ahhhhh.
Sat. morning the 8:30 group moved our starting time back to 8 and the 7:30 to 7 and, to be frank, I didn’t think there would be a huge turnout. Much to my pleasant surprise, we had one of the biggest groups of the summer so far.(see 8am group in photo above)
Phyllis brought red and white maple leaf scarves for all of us – a delightful gesture (thanks Phyllis). We teased that  we looked  like a Girl Guide/Boy Scout troop – the mature division.  Identically neck-tied, we stretched, groaned and set out east.
The waterfront was poetically beautiful, a  layer of mist making it look like a Chinese brush painting. As we walked, scenes emerged from the fog and then disappeared behind us. As we passed the Palace Pier, a mother duck floated into our sight with four tiny babies following her. It was all quite magical.
Just past Ontario Place we bumped into the earlier group and, of course, stopped to chat. They told us we would be able to see the much touted giant rubber ducky from the Music Garden. 
On we went and sure enough, there it was – 6 stories high and looking exactly like the iconic bathtub toy on steroids.
Over breakfast there was much debate about whether  the admittedly ridiculous thingy was ‘worth the money’. The general consensus was that, since it made us smile and would be wonderful to see in the company of young children, why not eh?

Lake Ontario is a pretty large bathtub, says Rubber Ducky.
The morning’s combination of beauty, whimsy and good company was, to me, a fitting way to celebrate our wonderful, diverse, imperfect but striving to be better country. Happy Birthday Canada.

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