Offsetting my February funk…

Confession time – February is my least favourite month. So, to counteract my tendency to sink into gloom, I thought I would write about an aspect of the Toronto Power Walkers experience that I don’t think I have ever blogged about. That is, it is fun – and often even funny.
Let’s start with the basic premise. We dress up in comfortable clothes with little attention to fashion (with the notable exception of Laurel!) and go outside in all weathers to play with our friends. Isn’t that what childhood fun was all about? From the back, we even look like a bunch of kids with our colourful jackets, toques and running shoes.

The group seems to share a distinct sense of humour – often black – and the sound track of our get-togethers is threaded through with laughter. And that laughter, even when it is about our personal quirks, is never mean, always shared. Even when we tease it is always with affection (Nicole I will never see that gesture again without thinking of you!).

And the fun, for me, extends to the intellectual stimulus I get from our far-ranging conversations and perspectives. From exploring possible business models with Lee for a project she is working on, to wondering with the breakfast group what it would be like to be uncomfortable with your own sexual orientation, to hearing about an interesting (although a bit bizarre) team building exercise from Mary – it all sparks my interest and keeps those brain cells cooking.

Thank you my TPW therapy group – you make even February bearable.

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