Not the Man with the Flirtatious Grin

I was putting money in the parking meter and commenting to someone behind me that a bird was singing. He acknowledged the strangeness (it was night time) and then blamed the environment. Looking at my summer clothes he remarked, with what I perceived to be a flirtatious grin, that at least the climate change had some benefits.

The next day I threw on my shorts and two layers of top garments only to be thanking Linda, one quarter through our walk, for the gloves that she loaned me. I was more than cool; I was cold.

Twelve of us who walked did one loop around the cemetery and two of us did three quarters of the second loop. I heard the sound of the bird who sang the night before but again I could not locate where it was.

This morning I listened but did not hear the sound of the bird that was at the cemetery the day before or near the parking meter two nights before. Deciding not to experience being cold again I brought my spring coat with me; it did not take me long to discard it.

Though I did not join anyone for a walk today I understand (this is reported to me by my sister) that three of the seven who walked the cemetery this morning did two loops around the cemetery and four did one loop. Many, according to my sister, ended up shedding clothes. It indeed was a beautiful warm day.

The person I had a conversation may be correct; maybe the climate is responsible for birds singing at night. I find it an interesting point to discuss (maybe not with someone I perceive to have a flirtatious grin) but like a lot of things it is only an intellectual interest.

So what is my opinion about all the aforementioned? Do I care that there are now birds singing at odd times, that one minute I am borrowing clothes and within a twenty four hour period of time leaving clothes in the car? Yes I care …of course I care but this, after all, is the fickle month of March. So I say walk on, walk on and walk the distance in all of the aforementioned; just not with the man with the flirtatious grin.

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