Not So Great Expectations

As usual, early on Saturday morning, I checked the internet for the morning weather forecast and decided what to wear for walking. It never occurred to me to look out the window! So the misty rain I encountered in High Park was a bit dismaying since I hadn’t brought any rain gear. A few minutes later, though, the rain was gone. After a visit with Margie, who had to go home to company, eight of us agreed on a goal of “around the Music Garden and back? – a little over 14 kilometres.

I’ve had to adjust my expectations of myself this past year. No longer a “middle of the pack? walker, I’m usually at the back of the pack now. I’m still committed to the distance but have had to adjust my speed. The wonderful thing about walking with the Toronto Power Walkers is that there is always someone willing to walk with me for awhile. The group forms and re-forms into twos or threes throughout the walk. So I was able to connect with Mary, Diane, Sherry, and others when they had to stop to take a stone out of their shoe or for some other reason.

And then there were the “come from behind? folks, Lee and Laurel, who slept in a bit but had enough speed to overtake the group along the course. I walked with them for awhile, too.

While walking with these folks, I’ve learned about their fascinating lives. I am often astonished by what the walker beside me has accomplished in her life, the obstacles she has overcome, the decisions she has had to make, her plans for the future.

Back at the Grenadier, happily dry because the rain held off, breakfast on the patio was the usual – eggs, toast, coffee and companionship. And my deep gratitude for the friendship of this group.

P.S Susan B. and Rorie kept Phyllis company on segments of her long walk on Sunday. Thanks for your support – Phyllis

Remember, we start at 7AM next week, July 2. See you all there. Happy Canada Day!

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