No longer a ‘hill training virgin’, says James

Well, it is done! I am now officially a non-virgin when it comes to “Hill Training”.

Who would of thought that I actually enjoyed the hills, seen by many as the enemy. They’re an obstacle, standing in the way of fast times, a burden to be endured, a muscle-sapping, lung-bursting exercise in pain.

They are actually good for you! Most will think of the physical exertion that comes with hill training, others will think that their legs are getting a better work out in a shorter time. Hills improves leg-muscle strength, quickens one’s stride, expands stride length, develops your cardiovascular system, enhances your running economy and can even protect your leg muscles against soreness. In short, hill running will make you a stronger, faster and healthier power walker.

Given all the physical benefits of this particular training/torture it has one very important additional benefit, that is, mental. Hills, after some training, will become something to look forward to on our daily treks(that’s taking it a little too far, says Phyllis). They will no longer be seen as the enemy, but a place to make up time and to catch the person in front of you.

Thus, two thumbs up to ‘hill training’ and to those that were out (Rorie, Sue, Diane, Laurel, Phyllis) this past Tuesday, and especially to Leslie who joined us ‘Walking the distance’, repeatably up and down the hill at Sherwood Park. A special hello also goes out to Paloma, who joined in one climb up and then down the hill. (Who would have thought that we could find new recruits via hill training?)

All a can say, is that I loved it and the company!

James Conner

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