No Complaints

Who can complain about this weather? It was a glorious morning for walking – sunny, moderate temperature, and very little wind. Not only that we started at 8AM, and only walked 13k!

It was a well deserved reward for Rorie, and Mary who are tapering for their marathon next weekend. Susan and Lorna are also in the same race. Woohoo!

The race is on Sunday, it starts from Mel Lastman Square at a civilized 9am and ends at Queen’s Park (around 3ish for the marathoners). Come and cheer them in! We’re coming to the end of racing season for most of us.

The plan is generally as follows:

· Saturdays in October will continue at High Park at 8am. We move back to Mt Pleasant Cemetery in November (8:30 start) until next April.
· Tuesday walks continue until the end of October as well.

‘Goofy’ walkers (or anyone else who is interested), will continue walking from High Park as long as the weather permits, with an 8am start as well. This will be our ‘long walk’ day, and you can do your short walk either on Friday or Sunday as we try to simulate the back-to-back walking effort required for the marathon and a half race.

A few other dates to note:
· November 27th is our Habitat Build. Deadline for TPW signup is this week! Please contact Sue at We have committed to 20 spots and will open up the remaining ones to those that are attending and want to bring someone along and then to others.
· November 30th – our year–end ‘black and medals’ dinner at Harbord House. Further details to follow, but mark your calendar. If you have a friend or colleague who is considering joining us, bring them along. Don’t forget, wear ALL your medals from the current year.

Whether you’re racing or not – keep walking the distance, keep walking…

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