New Year’s Resolutions or Solutions?

It’s the New Year and the time when many of us make a New Year’s Resolutions but I have a problem with the tradition.  It seems to start with a very negative premise – that we are all very flawed – and that we need perfecting and that forming the intent (i.e. resolving) to be perfect will achieve the desired result.

And how often has that worked for you so far, eh?

Instead, I would like to borrow from a consulting friend of mine who works with an approach called Solutions Focus. It starts with the premise that you are already doing a lot right and should focus on doing more of that, better – with the emphasis on the ‘doing’ part.

So let’s start a new tradition and focus on finding New Year’s Solutions. Want to be fitter? Do you already like walking but find exercising by yourself boring? How about joining us one Saturday morning (see detail on the sidebar) and see if that is a solution for you? And, if you are already one of the converted and want to want to up the ante, consider signing up for hill-training with WoW or try catching up with Michael to improve your speed (it’s working for me).

And for solutions to the winter blahs – don’t forget our brunch at Carol’s – Feb. 6 (note the date changed from an earlier one so check you have the correct one in your calendar). That’s when we commit to a new year, pay our dues and sign our waivers.

A reminder that some of the group will be participating in spa day on Feb. 20 – if you haven’t asked to be on the list yet, send me an email and I will put you on it.

Happy New Year all.

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