New Shoes

I bought new shoes for walking a few weeks ago after months of deliberating.  It shouldn’t be so difficult but I made it so. 
I wanted to try different shoes after 13  years of wearing the same brand and style. What if there were a pair of shoes out there that would help me move from being indifferent to training and to embracing it as I have in the past.  I know shoes are not the reason but they could help, couldn’t they?
I ended up buying same brand but different style and type. I am cautiously hopeful.  I walked Sunday morning and I felt like I was wearing slippers for nearly all of the 15K.    
While the shoes felt like slippers, I felt joyful as I walked and talked with Rorie.  I do a lot of walking alone and it was wonderful to chat as we moved along the Lakeshore toward the music garden. It was hot and we took it easy  but it felt great to be out walking, talking and listening. Our pace was not a priority. Walking the distance was.  
What will be your priority this week?  Improving your pace? Getting outside?  Walking your distance? Walking alonge ?Walking with the group? Taking a WOW class?  
Many options for us and that’s the beauty of TPW.

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