My Walking Friends

This week I had to walk slowly as I has dental surgery and was forbidden to exert myself.  But the weather was too lovely on Saturday to miss a walk so I strolled about 8 kilometres and then had a soft breakfast I had not earned.  The lovely thing about the Toronto Power Walker is that, no matter what your pace, there’s someone there to walk with you.
We have walkers at every level.  I can never keep up with Michael, Phyllis or Diane.  Their pace is blistering.  But I can enjoy their company at breakfast and hear their discussions about training.  And, equally, I can enjoy walking with folks who are recovering from injury or returning after an absence and rebuilding their abilities. 

This coming week is week 1 of the TPW training program for those planning one of the late summer or fall marathons and half-marathons.  I’m looking forward to getting myself ready.  Thanks go to Phyllis for putting the program together for us. 

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