My History with the Oasis 10K Zoo Run

I walked the Oasis 10K Zoo run this weekend as a back of the pack support. In 2004 I  was considering joining Jeans Marines in January but first had to ” try” a 10K .  It was 11 years ago I first did this race. I was second last in 2004 as I walked with a Jeans Marine runner who was recovering from an injury and I was a newbie with no idea what I was doing and felt totally out of place in the corrals. I didn’t own a sports bra and that was evident when I ran the first 100m and then thought that was crazy and started to walk.
Looking back I am glad I joined Jeans Marines and the rest is history.
This weekend I walked with the gentleman I walked with the previous year and also the 10 miler on the Leslie Spit.  He is an inspiration, he is 80 years old, walks alll the time and is dealing with serious health issues but it doesn’t stop him from walking. In his racing career did 26 marathons, most international, his personal best is  a sub 4 hours  Ottawa Marathon.
He freely gave me advise and one snippet was that I consider doing a marathon every two weeks. He knew a woman who did that and she was in remarkable health. I will consider  every two years (but I would have to get myself out the door Saturday mornings to do that.)
We completed our 10K and I thought we were the last of the 10’ers but I looked at the stats today and found another 20 participants crossed the finish line after I did. I guess they were looking at the zoo animals.
Its not as easy as you would think to deliberately finish last.  I told one of the runners in the last corral that I was a volunteer and it was my job to be “last.” She said, “On behalf of all the runners who have a fear of being last, thank you for taking the pressure off.” I laughed and said I would do my best.
Clearly my best was not good enough if 20 participants came in after me. Next year I will try again to be last .

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