My Gang

A bit warmer than expected, a little damper than desired, Saturday morning’s walk was, as always, a chance to connect with friends and with ourselves, body and mind.  I enjoyed several conversations that updated me on friends’ families and hobbies.  In several instances, the conversation turned philosophical – how to  ‘carpe diem’  and how to maintain our physical and mental health.  As all this was going on, I was also aware of how my body was responding to the pace and how my mood was affected by being outdoors in a misty rain (exhilarating!)

When we moved to the restaurant for breakfast, new connections formed and new stories were told as seating location and arrival time changed conversational proximity.  A member who hadn’t walked met us there to catch up. 

We are a gang, our very own in-crowd (that very much welcomes newcomers), a pack, a flock, what my daughter would call a posse – it’s lovely to belong.

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