Musings on technology…

One of the things that attracted me to walking was the fact that it is very low tech – all you need is shoes and off you go. I’m not a technophobe. I use all the tools for work, communication and even some play but always liked getting away from all that when we walked our distances. But, as time has passed, slowly but surely the tech world has insinuated itself upon us. First we started carrying our cell phones (an excellent safety measure) and then came the Garmins.
I have watched with great amusement as many of my fellow TWPs have strapped these devices to their wrists and then started talking to them, generally in less than complimentary fashion. Many moments have been spent with my walking buddies staring intently at their little screens, poking various buttons  and pleading for what they want to see – what is our pace? what is our average time? how far have we come?  “Give me the information you  #%*@! machine? they command.  I chuckle (quietly to myself) as I check my old fashioned  watch.
However now there is a new player in the mix. Over breakfast on Saturday, Margie was singing the virtues of her new Nike Sportswatch GPS, as have several others of our group. The numbers are big, the buttons are few, the technology simple. For the first time I felt a small stirring of tech envy.
Mind you, another major topic of our conversation was the Duchesses’ maple leaf fascinator, and I think I can resist that so maybe I will continue to be a tech-free walker (whoops, make that ‘tech-light’ – there is that cell-phone I carry!).
Remember we now start at 7:00 on Saturdays – sounds terribly early but nice once you are out there and really helps when it is hot.

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