Muggy day in June

On Saturday we gathered as usual outside the Grenadier Cafe in High Park. It had been raining on and off, leaving the air heavy with humidity. We did our usual loop through the park before heading down to the Lakeshore, where we were met with a stunning visual of hundreds of cyclists travelling west on the Lakeshore toward Niagara in the Ride for Cancer.  Wearing multicoloured helmets, and bright yellow shirts, they zoomed by, in groups, and as individuals, in a flurry of furious pedalling. Applauding, we cheered them on. A policewoman on the south side held us at bay, indicating we were to wait until she decided on an appropriate moment to cut through the quickly moving, thick crowd of cyclists . After waiting a few moments, Sue, Lee and I decided to turn back to do more loops in the park.  A moment later, I glanced backward to see that the others had finally gotten their opening and were rushing quickly to the south side of Lakeshore.

Lee, Sue and I walked to the east side of High Park (Parkside Drive) and then north. We proceeded across the open stretch and then up the hill. We debated whether to do another loop, but the air was so heavy and humid and we decided to call it a day.  

At Grenadier Restaurant, that day, the best part of breakfast was the water!

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