Minus 14 to Minus 13

As I walked down Yonge St. the church’s electronic information sign stated it was minus 13.

Earlier when we (Helen, Lynn, Sue , Lee, Susan , Susan, Diane, Suzanne, Mary, Sherry, Carol, Barb, Rorie and Ela) had gathered, Rorie stated that it was minus 14. It was a cold that I would not of walked to the corner store to pick up a bag of milk. But there I was gathered with others to start the first step of a little over a 6 K walk. White streams of air being emitted from our bodies surrounded us as we gathered and it as well as the crunch, crunch sound of the snow followed us during the walk.

I had just finished stretching (after a walk my body needs to stretch more than most) and was walking to meet everyone (except Rorie and Ela who had continued walking ; goal 10 K) for breakfast when I noticed the information sign reporting that it was minus 13.

Conversations at breakfast and during the walk, were exchanged. Some conversations focused on information about travel plans outside of Canada, some about members who are presently taking and enjoying the WOW walking course, a member who will be attempting to shadow some race walkers, a member who is sick (wishing her a speedy recovery), the health of various family members and of course Sherry’s excellent travel arrangements for quite a few of our members (she is willing to assist anyone else who would like to go) who plan to go to the Cleveland marathon/half marathon/10 K etc.

After breakfast I walked back to my car and the electronic sign stated it was now minus 9.

It is my opinion that for us who walk the distance the minus weather is rarely welcomed but it is not created as a constructed obstacle. It is perceived as all part of the walk. The company, the blue sky, the crunching sound of the snow and conversations, on the other hand, are a bonus. A bonus deeply appreciated by us who walk the distance.

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