Mid – Summer and Training


This time of year always catches me by surprise. I tell myself it is because the summer has been far too cool. I tell myself that I should welcome the evening diminishing light because it allows me to sleep without feeling that I am missing something.

The bottom line is that it does not matter what I tell myself, this time of year always catches me by surprise.

My races are usually spring or fall and this year it will be a fall one. This time of year -when I do a fall race -reminds me that the half marathon is coming sooner than later.

In the spring it always feels like there is so much time left for training. This time of year tells reminds me that the training time is significantly shorter.

Unable to join the group yesterday , I walked around the city to get the distance in and I was successful. Not too sure ( seem to be having problems with my sinuses ) that I would have been so eager if it was not for this time of year. So there we have it … tipping past the mid-summer mark and training . It is this time of year.

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