Men running in shorts in January ???

Yes, it is true, there were runners in shorts. Our group of walkers were dressed appropriately, after much deliberation I suspect.

We were happy to be out Saturday morning and the animated conversation was proof.

A few of us did 2 loops of Mt Pleasant approx 12.5K …..clearly we are ready to begin training and challenge ourselves beyond getting out the door. Yes, getting out the door can be a challenge but we are all up for that.

Susan and Shirley were in High Park training. Shirley is taking a WOW course as are Mary, Helen and Laurel. It is a great way to work on technique and learn to properly stretch. It’s hard work but the rewards are great. Check out the site to see if anything interests you.

Susan B trained with a group of race walkers this week and it will be interesting to learn from her about race walking technique. A few others are training on hills, or on ice rinks enjoying the relatively mild Ontario winter.

Nice to see Susan S. out for her first training walk of the year …well done!For many of us, the Robbie Burns 8K next Sunday is the first race of the year. Thirteen TPW’ers are registered for the race, it should be a lot of fun!

So if you haven’t been out for a while, come join the group at Mt Pleasant cemetery, Yonge street entrance at 8:30 Saturday morning. There is a distance for everyone and breakfast afterward for those who can stay.

Speaking of distance…it’s now time to think about goals for the year, especially the first half. Many of us have registered for Cleveland. If you haven’t decided, come with us, it will be a great weekend.

Training starts this month!

Have a great week!

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